Exactly what is Homeopathic Medicine?

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The main premise of homeopathic medicine is that the body is capable of healing itself, which is the way it was made in the first place. So the answer to the question of “What is Homeopathic Medicine?” is the stimulation of the natural healing processes of the body so that healing takes place based upon the normal responses of the body as it processes to regain health.

Homeopathy was originated in Germany by Samuel Hahnemann during the late 1700’s and has been practiced throughout Europe.

The processes that homeopathy uses are based upon the principle of “like cures like” For example, if a healthy person notices symptoms of a disease, that is the body signaling that something abnormal is going on. Homeopathic medicine then dictates that giving the person a very small amount of the same substance may stimulate the immune system even more, and thus cure the illness.

Traditionally, homeopathy has been utilized to maintain good health and to treat a wide spectrum of illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, colds, autism, ear infections, migraines, sore throats, sinusitis and atopic dermatitis. Short term minor injuries such as scrapes, cuts, pulled muscles and strains and sprains are also traditionally treated with homeopathy.

Serious illnesses such as cancer, heart problems, major infections and emergencies are not always appropriate for homeopathy, however they can be. It must be understood that these serious types of diseases are not always curable with modern traditional medicine either. A lot depends upon the lifestyle of the patient that got them to a critical disease in the first place, and the compliance of a patient.

Basically each case will have its own special particulars, and thus treatments and protocol will vary accordingly. It is not inconceivable that traditional medicine can work hand in hand with homeopathic medicine in certain situations.

The medicines of homeopathy, called “remedies,” come from natural sources such as minerals and plants, and are all environmental friendly. Most of them are readily available in health food stores, grocery stores and homeopathic pharmacies and on the internet. They are extremely affordable, and are very safe to use when applied as directed. They are save for women who are pregnant and who are nursing, as well as infants and children. The dosages in which the remedies are given are so small, that there are no side effects from the medications.

The definition of the question of “What is homeopathic medicine” is not just a general or all-encompassing term that covers a number of different remedies. Even though the homeopathic remedies come from different natural substances, homeopathy has nothing to do with herbal medicine, Chinese medicine or other forms of natural medicines and healing. Homeopathy has its own special therapeutic methods and systems.

There are homeopathic physicians who go to school and become doctors just as traditional medical doctors do. Practitioners who have been certified by a school of homeopathy, can be licensed in a state to practice homeopathy and treat patients accordingly.

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